Crowns in Epping

While some see the need for a dental crown as an expensive, daunting task, we’d like to change that line of thinking-at Epping Family Dental, we’re proud to offer same-day, in-house crowns for patients of all walks of life, meaning you can enter our practice and leave just hours later with an improved smile that you’ll love.

At Epping Family Dental we are dedicated to providing the highest crowns. We use only genuine IPS e.max® for our crowns.

And the best part?

We’re happy to participate in payment plans to meet your needs. Find out more about getting a custom crown with our knowledgeable dental team below.

What You Can Expect

Getting a crown (or crowns) has never been easier. While most patients choose crowns to help maintain the integrity of their natural tooth after a root canal, other reasons include:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Teeth that are heavily filled
  • Broken teeth
The purpose of a crown is to fit over your natural tooth and provide stability and integrity, allowing it to function just as your other teeth. With a custom fit crown, you’ll be able to eat and speak just as you would with your natural teeth.

Crowns are always colour matched to your natural smile, so they’ll fit in with your teeth perfectly.

We’re happy to have an in-house CEREC machine that allows us to craft custom crowns on the very same day that you visit us.

These crowns are made of an advanced resin material that’s designed to last for years and be just as durable as your natural teeth. After you arrive for your visit, we’ll begin the process by scanning your mouth with our digital scanning technology. Next, we’ll upload your scans to our CEREC machine, which will begin crafting your crown(s). After about 40 minutes, they’ll be ready to place in your mouth-we’ll of course let you approve them before doing so to ensure you love the look.

Once cemented in place and feeling comfortable, you’re free to leave-with a brand new, improved smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Crowns can last upwards of a decade or longer-the main contributing factor to their lifespan is how well you take care of them. With proper oral care, your crown(s) should last for years to come.

Much like breaking a natural tooth, if you break or chip a crown, try to first locate the piece that’s fallen off and then make an appointment with us straightaway. It may be possible to cement the broken piece back on, but in some cases, a new crown may need to be crafted and replaced. We’ll provide you with our honest opinion at your visit.

Depending on how many crowns you need, it’s difficult to say until we see you in the practice. At your first visit, we’ll be able to put a better idea of the cost of your treatment. If you’d like to speak further about payment plans, please ask us over the phone or at your first appointment-we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you receive the care you’re seeking.

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